Frequently Asked Questions

What is hLoot?

hLoot is a collection of 5,00 unique bags of adventurer gear, originally released by Dom Hofmann. At release, anyone could claim hLoot bags for just gas, and all bags were claimed in under 4 hours. Each hLoot bag contains 8 items: a piece for an adventurer's chest, foot, hand, head, neck, ring, waist, and weapon. hLoot is an unaudited project. #1 to #500 bags can be claimable by anyone.

Why is hLoot special?

1. hLoot is a community free for share. With no company, art, team, or attributes, hLoot gives your the freedom to create no matter how "crazy" your ideas can be.

2. hLoot is the unfiltered, uncensorable building block for stories, experiences, games, and more, in the hands of the community, at no cost. hLoot pursues complete decentralization from day one.

3. Can I build with hLoot? Yes, you are free to use hLoot in any way you like. For inspiration, see existing resources put together by the community.

Am I priced out of hLoot?

Not at all. Through Synthetic hLoot, all addresses have access to virtual hLoot that developers can integrate into the hLoot projects they build.

Thus, anyone with an HPB wallet is allowed to participate in the ecosystem, while still maintaining distinction between original hLoot and synthetics.

How do I value hLoot bags?

Fact is that the higher rarity the item is, the higher value it will attain with time. And there is no explicit rarities specified at launch, you can make your own decision on the value of a hLoot bag.

Still, the community has begun to devise many mechanisms by which to assess the rarity of bags and their items. Remember, use your own discretion when valuing a hLoot bag.